The Arena is a place where you challenge other players to climb the ladder and get rewards. The Rewards are always send out to the players at 20:00


In the Arena you start with the Rank 2001 and have to fight for the top. Every time you can see 5 different players you can challenge. After you successfully challenged a player who has a higher rank then you, you swap the Rank with him. Then you can fight against other 5 players. If you lose a fight, you have to wait for 10 minutes. After 1 hour, the 5 players you can challenge will change automatically. You fight up to 20 times for free in the arena per day. After you used all your "Arena Stamina" you can charge some with Gold while the first time costs 5 Gold and the amount of Gold you have to pay increases by 5 every time.


In the Arena are two different types of rewards:

1. Wins a day

2. Rank after a day

Wins a dayEdit

Here you can get all 4 rewards, if you win all your 20 fights, for free. For the 5th reward you have to pay some gold. The rewards are as following:

Wins requiered Silver Reputation Energy
3 10000 10 1000
5 50000 20 2000
10 100000 30 6000
20 150000 40 8000
30 250000 50 10000

Rank after a dayEdit

Here it depends on your Rank after the servertime reached 20:00. The higher you get the better, while some places share the same reward, which are as following:

Rank requiered Reward