Dragon's Temptation

Dragon's temptation (finished)

Dragon's temptation is a story based Situation->Action Minigame, where you can get several Rewards like Silver,Exp and even Gold. Dragon's temptation is locked until you win against Lyon.

How does this game work?Edit

Every time you start your adventure, you have to wait for a few minutes, while the waiting time is increasing every time you start your adventure up to 30 minutes. The last one has no waiting time at all. After the time is over, you get two different options and have to choose one it. When the server time is 0:00, Dragon's temptation will get a reset and you start again.

Question, Answers and RewardsEdit

In this list you can see which questions might appear and what Answer will give you the reward you prefer more

Story Text Answer Reward
Due to Dark guild Eisenwald, Elza was taken by mage council Make a scene at mage council with Natsu

Waiting for Elza at guild !

20000 Silver

10 Reputation

Eligor escape from last event, this time he is back to do bad things

Leave him one more time

Find and capture him

10000 Silver

5 Stamina

Encounter balkan when looking for Macau on Mt.Hakobe

Use a beauty to seduce Balkan

Give the Balkan a thrashing

5 Stamina

10 Reputation

Enter Edolas Looking for myself in Edolas

Find the way out

5 Gold

10 magic crystal

Evil guild Phantom Lord attacked Fairy Tail, hurt some guild members aswell

Irrelevant to me, better leave it

Crusade against the Phantom Lord with Fairy Tail´s members

20 Reputation

200 Energy

Found a ring which has charm magic on it Sold it !

Put it on and charm others !

5 Gold

400 EXP

Found Garuna villagers look like demons Scary ! Run !

Ask villagers how to get the horn !

20 Magic crystal

10000 Silver

Getting on an island, found a sealed monster and a group of people trying to break the seal

Warn them the consequence after break the seal!

Help them to unsealed the monster!

5 Gold

10000 EXP

Guild master of Fairy tail is giving a speech for endurence running, guild members all itch for a try

Join the competition with them

To dig the trap on runway ahead

10 Reputation

10000 Silver

Heard Eisenwald guys talkiing about unseal something Pretend nothing heard !

Beat them hard, ask what's their purpose

9 Magic crystal

50 Guild contribution

Intercepted by hip shakers, they keeping shaking in front of you Running away while there're not paying

Kick them ass one by one

10000 Silver

10 Gold

Leisurrely walk in the forest, found a egg Grilled would be tasty !

Take care of it, see if it can hatch a cat

150 Energy

5 Magic crystal

Loki is flirting with a girl Watch from the side !

Tell him this girl is a stellar spirit mage !

1 Stamina

15 Reputation

Lullaby revived Run to prevent be taking over !

Defeat Lullaby with Natsu !

500 EXP

15 Magic crystal

Meet Bisca back from work! Say hello to them !

Compete shooting with him !

20 Reputation

2 Stamina

Natsu invite you to do Rank S quest qith him and Lucy

Afraid of not enough strength, not to do the quest

Brought lucy a pink dumbbell by the way

2 Stamina

20 Reputation

Saw Gray taking off cloth on street! Ask him why he always take clothes off

Give him a thrashing !

100 Energy

1 Stamina

Saw Happy fishing beside the river Enjoy fishing with Happy !

Through stones in the river from hiding

5000 EXP

5 Magic crystal

Saw Natsu fighting with Elza Bet on Elza !

Watch from the side quietly.

1 Stamina

100 Energy

What shall we eat on the full moon night! Happy's salty fish !

Fairy Tail's special steak for

5 Magic crystal

1 Stamina

While looking for dragon, found a tample on Garuna island ! Feel dangerous, stay outside !

Go in side for exploring !

10 Reputation

500 EXP