Male Dragonslayer


Raised by a dragon, learned ancient magic from dragon, could fight with dragon, called Dragonslayer. Hernssing the Power of the Dragon in the battle to improve his strength, so that he has strong fighting skills

traduction en francer

Élevé par un dragon , a appris la magie antique de dragon, pourrait battre avec le dragon , appelé dragons . Hernssing la puissance du Dragon dans la bataille pour améliorer sa force , de sorte qu'il a des compétences de combat solide.

Base StatsEdit

Every class has general base stats. The Stats of the Dragonslayer  are as following:

Attack 51
Defence 19
Speed 4
Accuracy 9
Dodge 6

Possible MagicEdit

Every class has different Magics which can be purchased in the Magic Shop. The Magics of a Dragonslayer are as following:

Name Base Damage Skill Description Requirements
Salamander's Roar 200 Use fire spray enemy. Single target

Level: 1

Element Level: 1 (Fire)

Salamander's Iron Fist 200 Add fire on roit to increase single target damage.

Level: 10

Mage Rank: E

Element Level: 1 (Fire)

Salamander's Wing Attack 272 Transform fire into Blade wings to attack single enemy

Level: 20

Mage Rank: D

Element Level: 1 (Fire)

Salamander's Blade Horn 627 Use blade horn to attack single target

Level: 40

Mage Rank: C

Element Level: 2 (Fire)

Salamander's Fire Spray 627 Use fire spray to attack enemy's forward triangle

Level: 40

Mage Rank: B

Element Level: 2 (Fire)

Salamander's Claw Attack 928 Add fire on claw to attack enemy's rear triangle

Level: 50

Mage Rank: A

Element Level: 3 (Fire)