Female Knight Mage

The Knight

Through exquipping different gears to fight different enemies, has the best defensive skill.

Base StatsEdit

Every class has general base stats. The Stats of the Knight Mage are as following:

Attack 27
Defence 40
Speed 6
Accuracy 10
Dodge 9

Possible MagicEdit

Every class has different Magics which can be purchased in the Magic Shop. The Magics of a Knight Mage are as following:

Name Base Damage Skill Description Requirements
Fire Lord Armor 192 Exquip fire lord armor to attack single target

Level: 1

Element Level: 1 (Earth)

Flying Armor 192 Exquip Fling Armor to attack single target

Level: 10

Mage Rank: E

Element Level: 1 (Earth)

Inferno Armor 258 Exquip Flying Armor to attack single target

Level: 20

Mage Rank: D

Element Level: 1 (Earth)

Elatstic Robe 627 Exquip Elastic robe to attack single target

Level: 40

Mage Rank: C

Element Level: 2 (Earth)

Thunder Lord Armor 627 Exquip Thunder armor to attack enemy's forward triangle

Level: 40

Mage Rank: B

Element Level: 2 (Earth)

Trident Armor 928 Exquip Tident armor to attack enemy's rear triangle

Level: 50

Mage Rank: A

Element Level: 3 (Earth)

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